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Volcanogenic Initiative

Falcon has assembled an information and data system that allows it to identify specific targets in Australia that are considered to greatly assist in the search for large volcanogenic and Olympic Dam style gold/copper systems. The approach is broader based than only these styles and the Saxby large scale mineralisation is an example of an entirely different but significant causative body captured under the initiative.

In order to advance the exploration of other targets the company concentrated on acquisition and advanced modeling of geophysics, to improve both depth estimates and other geophysical parameters as a pre drill screening tool. This approach to exploration enables the selection of large targets that do not require years of detailed exploration work. With some ground confirmatory geophysics, it is possible to test targets with a small number of drill holes into basement rocks.

Details of projects under this exploration initiative are as follows:-



In early 2006, two new projects were acquired in Queensland.

         Mt. May (Falcon 100%)

The Mt. May project is located in north east Queensland in the Atherton region.

        Kalang (Falcon 100%)

The Kalang project is located in east Queensland in the Clermont region.

Coonamble   NSW
Gold and Copper
FCN 100%

The Coonamble Project is located in central New South Wales. The target comprises of a large gravity anomaly that indicates the presence of a large domal feature beneath recent sedimentary cover. It forms a ring dome with a lower density core. Such structures can be associated with significant mineral deposits.

Infill detailed gravity work has been completed at Coonamble. Modelling of this data has shown the target to be of an insufficient density at significant depth. The potential of this project is currently being reviewed, prior to further work.


   These Projects were updated May 2006

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